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One fan finds 49ers crowd more than intimidating

Thursday’s 49ers game against the Seattle Seahawks had more than its cheap jerseys fair share of brouhaha — 68 ejections, 19 arrests for public intoxication, about a dozen sent to the sobering pens and four felony arrests, according to police. But lifelong Seahawks fan Jessica Pentland, 34, said it was the heckling and harassment that took place under the radar that was the most troubling. Pentland went to the game proudly sporting her Steve Largent jersey, just as she always has. But now, she says, she’s never going another Niners game — ever. “From the second I went to my seat to the second I went to my car, I was harassed,” she said. “I was screamed out. It was aggressive and threatening. They kept yelling, “F— you, Largent. Get the hell out of here .” Pentland, a Sunnyvale resident, has been going to football games all her life and can deal with a little competitive razzing. But she couldn’t deal with Niners fans throwing garbage and beers at her petite female friend, who was wearing a Seahawks T-shirt, or pouring beer on her seat. And she especially couldn’t deal with a man she described as “three times” her size taking a swing at her as she waited at a concessions stand. “It’s not like I did anything to encourage this behavior,” she said. “I was focused on the field. I watched the game, I cheered, I sat down, I stood up. When I went to the concession stand and almost got punched, I was just standing in line.” She and her friend reported the harassment to security, but that only made it worse because the trouble-makers knew they had been reported when security officers showed up — and then left without doing anything. They eventually had to find other seating, Pentland said. Pentland said she got the attention of a police officer when the man took a swing at her at the concession stand. But the officer left her by herself and she then left the area out of fear. The worst part, Pentland says, is she knows she’s one of the lucky ones. A man was stabbed at the Oct. 14 game against the New York Giants because he was wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey, police said. “I’m lucky I didn’t get stabbed or slapped in the face or shot, and that’s disgusting,” she said. “What happened to me is a good experience, apparently, at 49ers stadium.” Of course, there are fans who are sporting other teams’ jerseys and making it out without a scratch. Delisa Lynch, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch’s mother, on Thursday proudly wore her son’s No. 24 with “Mama Lynch” emblazoned across the back. “They just showering me with love, baby!” cheap jerseys wholelsale said.


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